8 Ways Online Training Can Help With Talent Development

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Online training is not new but it has become significantly more professional in recent years. The latest period has seen a real move to providing ROI – what businesses need, not just what’s nice to have or new on the block.

Even though face-to-face talent development is generally prefered, in global companies there is significant experience with online approaches – they see real advantages to solutions and solution management being held online.

8 Ways Online Training Can Help With Talent Management by efront capture some important aspects, which I have shortened in the points below. Go to their site, if you wish to learn more:

  1. Identify Corporate “Pain Points” And Performance Gaps
    You must first identify performance and skills gaps so that you can offer the right resources. This may involve a thorough online task analysis, assessments, and on-the-job observations.
  2. Provide Employees With Real World Experience
    Real world experience is hard to come by. As a result of doing this online, employees are able to see what works, what doesn’t, and where their strengths lie. They also have the power to identify personal areas for improvement so that they can continually develop their talents.
  3. Offer Immediate, Personalized Feedback
    In traditional training environments, an on-site instructor must give one-on-one feedback to every employee, which can be challenging in large group settings. However, online training courses provide immediate, personalized feedback.
  4. Maximize eLearning ROI And Reduce Online Training Seat Time
    Online training reduces the cost of training and the time it takes to manage your existing talent. This is primarily due to the fact that all of the online training materials are at your employee’s fingertips.
  5. Retain Top Talent By Offering Personalized Training Resources
    One-size-fits-all approaches just don’t cut it in the competitive corporate world. Online training allows you to customize every course, activity, and assessment based on your employees’ goals, preferences, and expectations.
  6. Offer Incentives To Improve Employee Retention
    Even highly motivated and driven employees need rewards from time to time. Online training incentives also improve employee retention and satisfaction, which help you hold on to your top talent.
  7. Improve The Effectiveness Of Onboarding Training
    Online training allows you to improve the effectiveness of your onboarding program and fully engage your new employees. Every new hire has the opportunity to go at their own pace and explore workplace practices in a supportive environment.
  8. Provide Ongoing Professional Development Online Resources
    Online training development may be an investment, but it offers your employees a wealth of benefits that keep them happy and fulfilled in the workplace. As such, they are more likely to stay with your organization in the long-run, thereby, reducing your new hire online training costs and maximizing your resources.

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