Future Skills: Leadership & Talent Development for the Future

Hi there,So how do you best train your leaders and talents for the future? As training has become easier it has also become passive (less interactive) and outdated (not future-proofed). What you must do is combine these two - interactivity & future-proofing - in programs focusing on Future Skills, whether that be in the classroom... Continue Reading →

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Rethink Your Leadership – What Will You Do Differently When You Get Back?

Many of us have been leading from home - as millions of people are still working from home without choice or previous experience. This has been tough but it has also offered the opportunity (and challenge) to lead in very different circumstances. A time for reflection and growth. You have a unique opportunity to rethink... Continue Reading →

Should You Train the Trainer or the Learning Creator?

The answer is proably both. We often hear that gathering colleagues to attend face-to-face training sessions at hotels and conference centres will never be the same again. Similarly, colleagues training others at the workplace or central headquarters when implementing new systems, processes and mindsets is unlikely to be the same in future. Recent communication technologies... Continue Reading →

Leadership From Home – What To Do When Your People Are Seriously Fed Up

We often hear about the challenges of 'Working From Home' or 'Remote Working' where an employee feels distanced from the team or leader due to a geographical gap. This usually describes sub-contracted employees or workers at global locations, where distance is an everyday issue. But right now it is something different. We have never been... Continue Reading →

8 Benefits to Online Coaching

My clients have now significantly increased (or started) holding coaching sessions online. Similar to online leadership training, it's first now that the benefits have really been appreciated. Even though face-to-face sessions are generally prefered, there are real advantages to holding them online. I particularly like the listing of 'The Top 8 Benefits To Getting Your... Continue Reading →

Why Run Leadership & Talent Progress Programs?

Hi there,So why run these programs? Here are some factors which may help you consider the impact (and ROI) of systematically working with the pipeline of leaders and talents in your organisation. Leadership Programs Engagement: High program satisfaction levels positively affect job engagement levels. Job Impact: Programs have a positive impact on perceived job performance... Continue Reading →

A Method of Engaging People in Online Training: Role Play

Hi there,As online training has become easier in recent years, the opportunities to improve participant engagement and create real behavioural changes have done too. The methods we spoke about 10 years ago, which could only be done in a face-to-face classroom, can now be used - as newer online technology and changed participant mindsets enables... Continue Reading →

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