Coaching in Motion

Where do you prefer to meet up with your coach? Some prefer sessions to be held face-to-face, others online. Some prefer to meet at the client’s workplace, others outside - whatever works best! Some of my clients prefer 'Coaching in Motion' where we combine our coaching talks with a good walk, run or other physical activity - enjoying nature, sunlight and fresh... Continue Reading →

Great Coaching Ethics

This is about balancing motives - the interests of the coach, the client and the company. For example, what if the coach starts encouraging the client (your employee) to leave the company? For me, that is crossing the line of integrity. Here are some important ethical standards for selecting external business coaches. What’s your opinion? Please share... Continue Reading →

Great Coaching News

Harvard University has pinpointed some important aspects affecting the recent growth in the use of business coaching. Maybe personal coaching could be an attractive solution and alternative to training for one of your managers? Here’s some interesting business coaching news. What’s yours? If you have some please share it.

Great Coaching Ethics

This is about ethical standards. Ideally, selectors wish to agree but in practice they rarely ask, hear or talk about it. They could more successfully use the limited time available by briefly discussing a few potential ethical dilemmas e.g. what would you as a coach do if XYZ happens in your work with our client? Here are... Continue Reading →

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