Talent Assessment & Development

Focus on talent

Our goal
Successful organisations focus on their talented employees who can deliver strong impact in value positions. Via talent progress advice & future skills training, we release your talents’ full potential – while keeping them highly engaged. We know which personal traits & which progress journeys are strong – for both your Keepers and your Movers.

Talent programs
We design and run talent progress programs and give advice on how best to get started or to improve your talent work e.g. assessment, selection, pools, development, communication, coaching, management support, progression and data tracking.

Talent assessment
On a smaller scale, we provide concrete talent assessment, feedback and reporting services using well-documented tools such as HOGAN, MBTI, NEOPIR, BTB etc. The combination of tools and process are co-designed to specifically fit your focus and purpose – from a quick and simple approach to a full 360 degree set up. This provides decision-makers with the necessary basis for correct choices of people and development journeys.

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