Consulting units & teams

Consulting organisations & business units
Our goal is to be your trusted partners for processes, projects and in advisory roles for organisations & business units e.g. organisational change, future skills analysis, executive assessment & coaching, strategy, teams, trainers, seminar facilitation & boosting your values.

We are highly-experienced in analysing, co-designing and driving processes as well as facilitating engaging solutions for your organisational development needs.

Team consulting
We run impactful team development processes for all your teams – from top management to operational teams.

Team facilitation – strategy, plan, performanceAligning and kick-starting team action – anything from a one day team event to a long-term organisation development process.

Team facilitation – roles & responsibilities – The journey from individual members, via personal assessment such as HOGAN, MBTI, NEOPIR, FIRO B and BELBIN, to trusting relationships and commitment to shared agreements.

Training of trainers & facilitators – How best to share knowledge and train colleagues online with greater impact. Training consultants, instructors, HR and other groups who wish to improve their facilitation skills.

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